Ameline Haras 5-Seater


Ameline Haras 5-Seater

£64,500 plus vat

Registration New
Gross Vehicle Weight 3.5 tonne (3500kgs)
Gearbox 6-speed Manual
Year of Manufacture 2024
Paint Colour Your colour
Manufacturer Ameline
Ramp Side with top doors
Partitions Three-quarter with skirt on fully adjustable sliding track
Mileage Delivery miles only

With 5-seat belted seats this is perfect for family and team outings. This is a very well finished horsebox which can match competitors on every level. The long stalls with no breast bar is the ultimate in equine safety and caged doors give access to the tack area. Choice of paintwork and graphics available.

The real point not to be missed is the value for money this box offers. At £62,500.00 plus VAT there is no need to spend more on a quality European style box.


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