George Smith started out in the motor trade on the spanners servicing and repairing both car and commercial vehicles.

This involved servicing, repair and MOT test preparation and the business developed towards commercial vehicles. He also spent two years working with a top paint shop and learnt the art of painting and vehicle refinishing. Being based in rural Wiltshire there was a steady flow of horseboxes coming in for service and repair, Bedford TKs, Ford D Series and Dodges. Our customers not only wanted the truck serviced but also the bodywork attended to and so horsebox repair and refurbishment became a major part of the business.

With this experience we then stepped out in horsebox coachbuilding on mostly 7.5-ton Ford Cargos and Leyland Road Runners. Our big step forward in 1995 was our acquisition of most of the assets of Horsemaster who had built horseboxes in Wincanton. We also had great help from some of their staff and we built three Volkswagen LTs with the parts from there. Later on we developed our 2-stall Challenger 2 on the Iveco Daily chassis and also redesigned our 7.5-ton range on the ultra-reliable Mercedes 814.

Our heavy-duty design which puts horse safety first became very popular with professional users, racehorse trainers, horse transport companies, stud owner and many others. They realised that we did understand that a horsebox was for horses and that safety and durability was built in. From there we became the most popular horsebox for racehorses and our boxes can be seen at every race meeting in the country.

Since 2013 we have been wholly owned by Spectra Specialist Engineering Ltd who are a global leader in bespoke coachbuilding. This has given us the design and engineering support that is second to none and means we have capacity to do everything under one roof (well actually three roofs). We now have three 60 foot spray painting booths, extensive welding and fabrication facility, Josam chassis alignment system, electrical and hydraulic installation, and of course fully coachbuilding operation.

In 2018 we were joined by Equicruiser and I share an office with their founder Cliff Evans. They are a long-standing horsebox manufacturer who specialise in horseboxes with luxury living area for show jumping. dressage and eventing. This fits in well with what we do and we do have some crossover as we both build horseboxes with living.

We are now able to offer a full range of horseboxes from off the shelf 3.5-ton to 26-ton bespoke.

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