1937 Bedford has its first outing

After many hours of work our 1937 Bedford WLG Horsebox is now back on the road. It has had a full rebuild from the chassis up including complete body rebuild, mechanical overhaul, rewire and [...]


1937 Bedford Restoration… the devil makes work for idle hands

We are busy but on the last day of work before Christmas 2016 I was looking on eBay, all work related of course, and saw a 1930’s Bedford W Series with horsebox body by Vincents of Reading in [...]


New Renault Masters in stock

In order to keep our production flowing, we always keep new Renault chassis in stock. This saves about 12 weeks on delivery time when compared to a factory order. All of our vehicles are high [...]


Have you ever wanted to spend the afternoon on the hard shoulder?

We may all be very good at looking after our horses but what about our horseboxes? When we go out on the road we are relying on our horsebox to get us from A to B safely. What are we doing to [...]

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