George Smith Horseboxes has been appointed sole UK distributor for Czech manufacturer, Paragan. We first saw the product at the famous Pardubice and we liked what we saw – a well built but lightweight transporter, featuring curvy European lines for maximum fuel efficiency and showing that real thought had gone into horse comfort and welfare. We are proud to bring them to market for our customers and have stock regularly arriving, in your own colours and graphics.

Paragan specialise in lightweight 3.5T transporters designed for 2 horses facing backward and seating for 3-5 people. The Paragan range can be driven on a normal driving licence, making them a perfect workhorse for busy racing yards and studs, with a strong emphasis on safety and comfort of the crew and their horses.

Why lightweight?

Paragan horseboxes use high tech, high spec materials to ensure that payload is within legal guidelines – without comprising horse or crew comfort.

Why Paragan?

The design, from simple features such as side windows and a viewing window from the cab, through to the European ergonomic design to reduce wind drag and maximise fuel economy, low side ramp and 5 fitted seats, are all geared towards a comfortable travel experience, with the horse in mind. The Renault Master chassis is tried and tested, reliable and easy to maintain, the perfect combination for stress free transport of your horses.

Why George Smith Horseboxes?

GSH is proud to offer you the very best horse transport, from 3.5T lightweight boxes right through to 6 horse boxes and HGV solutions. We are exclusive dealers for Paragan in the UK and every box is supplied to your specification, backed by our service promise so you know that we will support you and assist throughout the lifetime of the box.

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