Post-Brexit European Horse Transportation Authorisation

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Having spoken to a number of our clients it seem like that there is a real issue with transporting horses across to Europe from the UK.

As confirmed in the government guidance from 1st January 2012 there is no acceptance of European animal transport certificates for either competent people or vehicles. This applies both to UK and EU approvals. This has almost instantly caused a complete roadblock to horse transport from UK to Europe and visa versa. It currently seems the only way for a commercial operator to transport horses across the EU – UK border is to have their horsebox approved in both UK and EU and this can only be done by sending them to where you need the certificate issued from. A number of UK operators have sent their trucks empty to Ireland for certification and they also have to come back empty as it takes a number of days for the certificate to be issued.

We are currently doing what we can to help provide vehicle specifications to our UK and Irish clients so they can get their horseboxes approved in the relevant country. Please contact us if you need assistance.

Since the animal transport legislation came out in 2005 we have offered all our new horseboxes with European certification, where appropriate. This is no longer valid for European Travel. We can still get horseboxes certified and this will certainly be a service that will be most beneficial to our Irish customers who want to bring horses to the UK. Please contact us for more information.

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