New chassis price increase was expected.

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None of us like paying more for things but it was somehow inevitable that new chassis prices were going to go up. After a long period of being unable to order new chassis we are now faced with significant price increases from the vehicle manufacturers. We have already signed orders for 2023 quarter 3 stock with a 26% price increase. This equates to about £8000 per vehicle and does not include any body price increase which is also on the way just to keep up with inflation and energy costs.

We always try to work together with our clients to mitigate prices increases as much as possible. For those of you who are ready to order new Renault 3.5 ton horsebox we do have literally a couple of vehicles that are old price. We have one 3 seat model and one 5 seat model both with long stalls. Choice of colours available.

Contact us now on 0780 1112114 to secure yourself a bargain.

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