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We may all be very good at looking after our horses but what about our horseboxes? When we go out on the road we are relying on our horsebox to get us from A to B safely.

What are we doing to make sure they are in a safe and roadworthy condition? The first thing is that they need to pass their annual test, whether this is an MOT for a 3.5-ton vehicle or goods vehicle test for larger vehicles. But is that it? One inspection and then drive for the rest of the year without any further attention?

It is especially important now when some boxes may have had very little or no use over the winter that they have a check over. They may have done no miles over the winter but they standing around does them no favours. It causes components to become rusty and seize, particularly the braking system. A call to your local commercial garage could save you the stress of being broken down with your horses on board.

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