Challenger 12

Body Construction
A 12 stall polo vehicle based on a Scania with rear ramp.
Cab 2.31 meters (7.58ft) Estimate Body length 9.05 meters (29.7 ft) Overall vehicle length 11.36 meters (37.3ft).

Sub Frame 12.7cm x 5 x 6mm (5" x 2") runner with 10 x 5cm x 2.5 mm thickness bearer at 40cm (16") centres Plastic wheel arches and spray suppression.
Floor 24mm Aluminium plank overlaid with 17mm heavy duty rubber mats
Roof 5 element insulated roof panel with aluminium reinforcement3 electric fans (switched in cab)7 x 40cm x 40cm (16"x16") skylight with zinc plated guards on roof
Front No Cab access, body does not join cab2 x 30.5cm x 58.4cm (12"x23") windows in bulkhead wall
Rear High level GRP light moulding with 4 x continental trailer lights and 2 spot reversing lights (Duplicate lights at bottom below ramp)Rubber buffer on rear underun.
Skirts Aluminium skirts with GRP wheel arches, complete with skirt lockers in available space (dependent on size of diesel tanks and number of spare wheels carried - if any)Amber side marker lights to legal specification recessed into top of skirts on O/S and N/S.
Ramp 40x40 SHS welded frame with aluminium planking to grip top rubber matting with 7 x hardwood slats (one piece ramp matting with rubber runners available on request, please specify)1Rear ramp faced in 16g Aluminium with Hydraulic operation and manual fail-safe mechanism.
Windows 2 x 30.5 x 58.4cm (12"x23") bulkhead wall 12 x 30.5x58.4cm (12"x23") side sliding on O/S12x 50.8 x 68.5cm (20"x27") N/S 3 piece slide window 1x20''x27'' in each grooms door 3 piece slide windowCage doors to each grooms doorwindow bars on N/S windows
Horse Area

Body length suggested on 76cm (30") stalls (please specify if any alteration required
61 cm (2ft) walkway in front of partitions
11 x herringbone partitions 152cm (5ft) high15cm (6") of floor with 2 x horsebox poles fixed to floor and roof and 17mm GRP panel with Ali capping top and bottom
Telescopic partitions a no cost option
Sniffer boards 60cm x 91cm (2ft x 3ft) approx hinged from partition and pinned to n/s wall.
Padding above horses heads on roof and on ramp gates and partitions and at rear
2 x tie up rings per stall (please specify if any external rings are required
183cm (6ft) ramp gates with 1 x pole on each set of gates
Partitions to be numbered and correspond in box
Drain holes in the floor of every stall
6 O/S x 6 N/S recessed interior lights switched in box master switch in cab
Rug rack in GRP
Box to be lined in 12mm phenol coated ply wood and kick protection

External Specification

2 x 70 litre water tanks with tap and access flap
Tack lockers in available space
Width - Legal Max
Length 37.3ft approx
Paintwork and Graphics to be finished in a single non-metallic colour of your choice, with your sign writing and graphics - to be agreed with GSH

Optional Extras: price on application



Please note: it is essential that the GVW is not exceeded when fully laden. The legal operation of the vehicle remains the responsibility of the user/purchaser. Therefore George Smith Horseboxes respectfully suggests that intending purchasers establish the unladen weight of the vehicle of their choice, and also of their intended payload. George Smith Horseboxes recommends that all vehicles are started and driven weekly. We reserve the right to alter specification without notification in order to maintain our policy of continuous improvement.